Wk 15 – Activity – Design The Life You Really Want

This week we were asked to create the life that we really wanted by writing about 3 different scenarios such as what we currently think we will be doing, the thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow, and the thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh. Here is what my life would look like if I could truly decide what I wanted to do.

I currently believe that I will grow up and get a degree in health science and work in a hospital. I’m not specifically sure which area in the hospital I would work in but I believe that my career would be in a healthcare environment. I chose this because I feel like it has job stability and may keep me financially stable. It’s not necessarily my dream job, but it provides a stable lifestyle and that’s probably the end-goal of mine to achieve.

Now, if the current thing disappeared tomorrow, I would undoubtedly go in business. My whole life, I was surrounded by people in business since I grew up with my dad, aunts, and uncles who are all entrepreneurs and own their own businesses. Ironically, I have no clue how businesses are run or managed. Even going to high school and coming out, I have a few successful friends who pursued a business career, and that is what I seem to want to do. Similarily, my brother and sister, both college graduates with biology and biochem degrees chose to pursue business instead. I feel like in business, there is no set salary, the more you work the more you get paid. As mentioned before, my goal is to become financially stable, even though business doesn’t guarantee job or financial stability.

Lastly, if i was financially secure, I would open up my own bakery. My passion is baking, even though some people may think it’s weird. My mom said I could be anything I wanted to be, and when I said, “ok, i want to be a baker” she replied with, “anything but that”. I knew it wasn’t realistic to make a steady income being a baker unless you were extremely well known or make the best pastries in the world. But if i was financially stable, I would try to open my own bakery and become the head baker because it would be something that I look forward to doing everyday. As of right now, I need to be financially secure before I do what I love.


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