Wk 14 – Activity – Japanese Gardens

This week for class, we went to the Japanese Gardens to draw. I was so nervous since i have a weak ability to draw but Glenn really emphasized that it was based upon skill. In truth, I really enjoyed this activity since it was graded on how well you draw. I really enjoyed the hand contour activity since i was really impressed with my own drawing. I didn’t think it would turn out as well as it had. We were told to just lift one hand up and look at it while the other hand was in sync with our eyes to draw as our eyes moved. the result actually looked like a hand so i included some fingernails and creases. Next I spent about 5 minutes trying to draw what i saw. It was extremely difficult since I don’t do so well with details. I sketched as much as I could like the pond and the bridge and the trees. It turned out decent, at least to me it did. Then lastly, I focused on one thing particular to draw, the bridge. I don’t know why, but the bridge really caught my attention. I tried to draw that in 30 seconds. This week’s activity was really enjoyable.


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