Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

This week, I met another artist, Laura Lopez, at the Gotav East gallery and talked to her for a bit. I learned that Laura is in her final year here at the California State University, Long Beach as she is pursuing a degree in MFA. Laura is from Columbia and worked as an architect before deciding on coming to Long Beach because she wanted to continue her education abroad. She told us that she chose Long Beach for it’s beaches and California weather.

Laura’s concentration is in painting and it’s quite obvious when you walk in to her gallery. Before even reading Laura’s artist statement, it’s obvious to see that her paintings are of the jungle. In her artist statement, it reads, “The jungle inspires my work.I have always admired the way nature builds and creates all sorts of life forms that are interconnected and grow together as a whole organism in natural ecosystems.” with this information, we understand how and why she paints these images.

Laura also experiments with patterns and colors and notices the functions of how these structural elements build imagery and composition. Laura also notes that she is intrigued of time evolving and how plants grow through expanding movement in space. I found that her paintings were very unique even though all of the paintings are of the jungle. You can see that each painting depicts a different scenario such as the top of the jungle so you see tree leaves and branches or the floor of the jungle where you see trunks of trees and some animals.

I found Laura Lopez’s gallery the most interesting due to the color variations and the color schemes. The paintings themselves were extremely eye-catching because you’re drawn to the most vibrant colors once you walk in. you can’t just walk past it, you need to stare and analyze the painting to fully understand it’s true meaning and imagery. I really enjoyed Laura’s gallery the most since she was more than welcome to talk to you or answer and questions you may have had with her work.


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