Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Alice Andreini, the artist behind the gallery “No-Man’s Land.” Alice is a graduate student in drawing and painting and she enjoys poetry and good literature while her favorite author is Virginia Wolf. An interesting fact that I’ve learned about Alice is that she learned how to paint approximately 6 years ago and has been in school for arts for 3 years. She has always had a passion for painting but never pursued it however, she plans to contribute practice as a painter after she graduates.

When I walked into Alice’s gallery and saw all her paintings, I was astonished. The pieces were extremely big, almost touching the floor to the roof of the gallery. I saw some that had 2 colors while others were so colorful and eye catching. I learned that each piece is different since they all have different amounts of time it takes to create. For example, some works take 3 weeks while other take up to 3 months to complete. She begins each painting with the suspicion of her own perceptions and thicks about how we are unaware of these constructs that define the way we see things.

Alice also said that cell phones change the way we look at time and she used landscape as a construct. Alice said that landscapes are simulated and even when they’re natural, such as nature being a landscape and can be used symbolically. Alice’s inspiration is to always wanting to paint and she also needs it in her life. She is interest in how we visualize and imagine spacial illusions. It’s interesting because Alice isn’t inspired by nature but more by the questions related to nature.

After and while walking through the gallery, I was so baffled by how talented Alice is. The paintings were so eye-catching and the color pigments were so unique. I could only wish to paint half as good as Alice. When I see the paintings, I see landscapes and scenery even though it’s not clear, that’s what I see. My favorite would have to be the one with gray tiles with cracks between with red, orange, and yellow colors that look like lava.


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