Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Amy Duran

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Duran, a senior at CSULB who will be graduating this fall with a BFA in ceramics. I learned that she is a really interesting person because she has an Etsy shop and sells brooches that she makes. I’ve never met anyone who has their own Etsy shop. I also learned that we both have baking in common since Amy decorates cakes in her free time.

Amy’s piece was in the Marilyn Werby Gallery and it is called “Forever by your Side.” I felt as though her exhibition was very interactive since she incorporated a fairytale theme for guests to walk around the gallery. The pieces really reminded me of a Disney fairytale even before I walked around the gallery. Each station had a fairytale book and featured a ceramic girl and various types of animals. I loved the intricate backgrounds as well because i feel like it really brought the whole piece together.

The message Amy was telling behind “Forever by your Side” was that she was trying to explain her struggles of never feeling like she belonged. She was afraid that she was the only one who felt out of place while also being afraid that she would lose her inner child as she was embracing the woman she was becoming. Her pieces tell her audiences that it is absolutely normal and okay to be afraid of change, especially as an adult.

Before walking into the gallery, I felt as if I walked into a fairytale, and after leaving, I felt like i just experienced my whole life story. I can relate to the message that Amy was relaying because I felt alone in my worries too and trying to hang on to the child within myself all while changing into the woman that I had to be. I really enjoyed this exhibition because it was like my own little fairytale. 20170405_150657 art.jpg


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