Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Janelle Hernandez & Antonio Hernandez

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Janelle and Antonio. I visited their gallery at the SOA Galleries this week and I was extremely inspired with their art. After looking at their galleries, I went to go meet the two artists. I met Janelle and Antonio, just two of the people involved in the pieces from the gallery. I learned that the pieces in the gallery consisted of a group of people involved in a college club on campus, known as the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship club. They told us a bit about the club like it’s a Christian club, they get together every Thursday, there are over 170 people in the club, and they study bible worship on campus and hang out on weekends. I also got to know them a little personally also. Janelle is from Big Bear Lake, and Antonio is from Los Angeles. Some of the pieces that they created was the Blue Bridge Pillar, the String piece, and the Bean piece.

At first glance, when I walked around the gallery, the most captivating pieces to me were the pieces that Antonio and Janelle made, coincidentally. Antonio’s piece was the 3 dimensional piece that has the blue pillars. I asked him what the message and inspiration was behind the piece and he said it symbolized a bridge. He said that it’s especially important in today’s society where we want to build walls and disassociate ourselves from others. The bridge thus symbolizes a strong community. I asked him what his inspiration was and he replied “Lana Del Rey” and the color blue was used to symbolize the future and the connection between people.

Futher more, I was also captivated by Janelle’s pieces which was the String piece and the Beans piece. The String pieces was hanging in the corner of the gallery and it realy caught my eye because it was so unique and really stood out to me. there was a piece of fabric and an intricate design of string and it really caught my eye. The piece was called “All Caught Up” and the description says “Genuine community is about acknowledging the strands as well as the throng. May each string represent an individual that makes up the multitude.” I can see that the description represents a community also. I believe the overall theme of the gallery is to inspire a community. As for the beans piece I see different types of beans in a spiral design. And the work is called “Meet Me In The Middle” probably symbolizing the middle where all the beans meet. That really caught my attention as well.

I really genuinely enjoyed the gallery because it is sending a message and encouraging all of us to be a community. Their statement is “A group show about being in a community of friends and family that came from different backgrounds. We are unique and different within the community with different experiences…” I really enjoyed the gallery and the messages they were trying to relay to the audience. I thought that it is truly inspiring.


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