Week 9- Activity- Graffiti Art

This week, we were asked to create art using spray paint. At first I was excited because I love to paint and painting from a can sounded so fun! So I found 2 spray paint bottles in my house and a piece of poster paper from daiso. So I went to work. once I started I regretted it. It was a nightmare. The paint I had was a glitter one and a gray one. I tried to copy the artists from the documentary from this week’s art talk by outlining my name and filling it and then outlining it again with a different color. It was a disaster. after I did it with the gray one and then tried to outline with the pink, it looked horrible. So I restarted. this time i filled it in with the pink first then TRIED to outline it with the gray. at first the pink was great, but then after I outlined it with the gray, it was a nightmare. It smeared the pink and you can barely tell it’s an “a” anymore. Plus, i stained my front yard with gray spray paint.

trial and error:



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