Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Elena Roznovan

This week, I had the pleasure of meeting Elena Roznovan, a sculpture. I got to learn a lot about Elena like how she is a graduate student here at California State University, Long Beach and how she got her undergraduate degree in Baltimore, Maryland. She’s from Moldova and she decided to come to California because she was inspired by light and art.Her hobbies include writing because she tends to write in order to think of what she wants to do, collecting vinyls, and spending time outside and hiking.

Her work is called “Stop and Stare” and the meaning is that transparency brings in image more and people either enjoy it or are anxious. Its the idea of paying attention and noticing a phenomenon. She is in the realm of video installations, the idea of 2D images into 3D experiences. She actually started out with an interest in painting which is interesting. She wants to show how images are mediated in technology. The art piece in the gallery has a bench, and a projection of a moving landscape on the wall. The lights are dimmed to bring out an immerse of experience. Light is very important to her so she canceled it out to bring out the projects true intention.

Elena’s inspiration include Robert Irwin and Robert Bell. She wants to apply for residency in arts in different states in the nation and to look at different landscapes. Her inspiration for “Stop and Stare” started 2 years ago when she started going to CSULB. Her goal was/is to capture phenomena. She wants to show how images get mediated in technology and to show “themes or screen”. That’s why there are so many square pieces. The photography props make the photography more beautiful.

I personally really enjoyed Elena’s piece because it was somewhat like a movie in a way. You sit there and enjoy it. It was extremely fascinating because the first thought that came to my mind was “how did she do this?” It was incredible. I saw the clouds moving like it would any normal day outside. The room was dark so you would be able to focus on one thing: the art. If I had more time I would have definitely thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.  IMG_5600.JPG


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