Wk 6 -Activity – Zine & Flip Books

For this week’s activity, we were asked to make zine and flip books. I had no idea what to make my book about so I went to class for a little inspiration. I noticed one book that was written about the various types of things that potatoes can be made into such as french fries, mashed potatoes, tater tots, and more. And of course, as a food lover myself, I wanted to make my book about food. So i thought, “who doesn’t love pancakes??” With this in mind, I decided to make a little book on how to make pancakes. The most basic and easiest recipe that everyone is capable of making with ingredients they probably already have at home. So in my book, I included all the necessary ingredients such as milk, egg, oil, sugar, and flour. I also listed the amount of each ingredient needed. Then I wrote how long they should cook the pancakes for and then to plate them and serve with some syrup. I decided to make it as simple as possible because why complicate such an easy recipe? 🙂


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