Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Yeri Hwang

This week at the art galleries, I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet artist Yeri Hwang! Yeri is a 4th year undergraduate student who is attending California State University, Long Beach. This is her last semester at CSULB and she hopes to attend graduate school. She is originally from Torrance, California but moved to Long Beach six months ago. I learned that she has always had a knack for art but never took the initiative to try to pursue it when she was younger. She never drew or did anything art related so when she was younger, she never thought that art was something she would do. When she did begin to pursue art, she wanted to do illustration or animation but also wanted to expand her horizon and is now doing video art as well. She likes to use interactive art and is a multi-disciplinary artist so she was able to dip her feet in everything like sculpting and drawing.

I personally really enjoyed the color wheel and the altar with the broken glass. I think that incorporating interactive art is extremely engaging to the audience and draws people in. For the color wheel, we were allowed to move the wheel whichever way we’d like. As for the altar, she asked us to put our own experiences down and place them on the altar. The color wheel represents the progression of like. As time goes on, everything changes like the colors. As for the altar with the broken glass, the reflection can represent different things such as anxiety and depression. These things murder us and the broken glass represents that. I also looked into Yeri’s Instagram, and learned that she made the color wheel completely from scratch.

Yeri is very inspired by interactive art. She says that conceptual art is very hard to understand unless someone has a background in art and she doesn’t think that that’s fair. Her pieces are telling stories. She’s really interested in story telling and wants to be a graphic artist. The reason she wants her creations to tell a story is because everyone can relate since everyone is writing a story of their own. Her destination pieces represents people always looking for a place or belonging with either a dream job or dream school, but she questions us as to whether or not we always reach that destination. That destination being an imaginary place we are looking for but never actually reach.

What resonated with my the most was the color wheel. That piece really caught my eye because of it’s uniqueness and how intricate it was. The meaning behind it is very interesting as well. The piece represents the progression of life and how everything changes just like how the color changes. She wrote that we were allowed to rotate the wheels until where we would like the colors to be. I translate that into “we can change our lives until where we would like our lives to be”. Also with the broken glass, I represent it as living life with many regrets and how it’s killing us from the inside.



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