Wk 4 – Activity – Art Care Package

This week, we were asked to create an art care package for a friend, a family member, or a stranger. I chose to create and send the art care package to my 19 year old friend from Irvine, California. He and I were extremely close in high school until we parted ways for college. We slowly lost contact with one another so I thought that this would be an awesome way to get back in touch. At the end of high school, we decided to keep the tickets from the events we went to together for memories, so I decided to mail it to him so that we could look back at the memories we shared. I think that the ACP is similar to sending a snapchat in that we could save it to our memories. However, sending someone an ACP is actually extremely different than snapchat because snaps only last up to 10 seconds and then it’s gone for good whereas sending someone an ACP is more personal and it shows that you’re thinking of that person. I think that ephemera is like a snap, you only enjoy it for a short period of time. It reminds me of an event because the event will eventually end, however, the ticket is what keeps the memories. Because of this, i’m sending my friend all the tickets we’ve collected together in hopes of refreshing his memory. There is a difference between the art seen by many people versus the art seen by few because it’s more personal when it’s only shared by the few. The time and effort of sending someone a package versus sending someone a snapchat is extremely different. The effort into creating and sending the package is more intimate than just sending a snap because you can send a snap to just anyone but it takes more time and effort to send a package.


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