Wk1 – Activity – Plaster Casting

This week, we had an activity to create a hand mold using plaster and sand. I did this project back at home with the help of my boyfriend since I was unable to attend the beach session with Glenn. I went to Home Depot to purchase Plaster of Paris, a 50 pound bag of sand, and a bucket. While doing this activity, I learned that creating art can be fun, cheap and easy! I think the most difficult part of this activity was looking for the right products such as the plaster. After finding the right products, we began the project! We first poured the sand in the bucket then I stuck my hand into the sand. We then wet the sand to pack it together then I tried to carefully remove my hand trying to not ruin the mold. After that, I mixed the plaster and water together and carefully poured it into the mold. We waited about 30 minutes and carefully tried to remove the plaster from the sand. I was extremely happy with the results but I didn’t realize how fragile it was until I tried to remove it. I broke off a lot of pieces of the plaster but it still came out decent. I really enjoyed this activity and would definitely do it again.


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