Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Maria

This week I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Maria. Maria is a freshman here at California State University, Long Beach and she is majoring in communications. She’s not quite sure what she can and can’t do with her major, but she’s also thinking about minoring in political science. Maria is from Downey so she doesn’t dorm at csulb. She is a movie addict and her recent favorite movie is La La Land while her favorite older movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We also talked about our favorite shows and I learned that Maria’s favorite show is hands down Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed talking to Maria this week!

Wk 12 – Activity – Ethnography

This week we were asked to spend a night without electricity. I can say that this was one of the hardest nights of my life since my life revolves around electricity, especially my phone and laptop. I already knew that the experience wasn’t going to be fun since I’ve been through blackouts and having my phone die. The experience was so frustrating because i didn’t know what to do with myself. Once the sun set, I did not turn on the lights, I put a few candles around my house so that I could at least see some things. But since I had nothing to do, I tried to go to bed early at around 10pm. It was definitely hard trying to fall asleep that early because i’ve been sleeping so late, but also because I usually have my daily dose of social media before falling asleep. And without being able to use my phone, I was internally dying. Living without electricity is extremely limited and boring because you don’t know what to do with yourself, because all I did was snack on food from my cabinet. I thought about how people in the olden days did it, and I think it was physical interactions that helped them thrive. Living in this day and age, electricity is a necessity and I think ew take it for granted sometimes, because i know I do.

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Alice Andreini, the artist behind the gallery “No-Man’s Land.” Alice is a graduate student in drawing and painting and she enjoys poetry and good literature while her favorite author is Virginia Wolf. An interesting fact that I’ve learned about Alice is that she learned how to paint approximately 6 years ago and has been in school for arts for 3 years. She has always had a passion for painting but never pursued it however, she plans to contribute practice as a painter after she graduates.

When I walked into Alice’s gallery and saw all her paintings, I was astonished. The pieces were extremely big, almost touching the floor to the roof of the gallery. I saw some that had 2 colors while others were so colorful and eye catching. I learned that each piece is different since they all have different amounts of time it takes to create. For example, some works take 3 weeks while other take up to 3 months to complete. She begins each painting with the suspicion of her own perceptions and thicks about how we are unaware of these constructs that define the way we see things.

Alice also said that cell phones change the way we look at time and she used landscape as a construct. Alice said that landscapes are simulated and even when they’re natural, such as nature being a landscape and can be used symbolically. Alice’s inspiration is to always wanting to paint and she also needs it in her life. She is interest in how we visualize and imagine spacial illusions. It’s interesting because Alice isn’t inspired by nature but more by the questions related to nature.

After and while walking through the gallery, I was so baffled by how talented Alice is. The paintings were so eye-catching and the color pigments were so unique. I could only wish to paint half as good as Alice. When I see the paintings, I see landscapes and scenery even though it’s not clear, that’s what I see. My favorite would have to be the one with gray tiles with cracks between with red, orange, and yellow colors that look like lava.

Wk 11 – Artist Conversation – Yujia Gu

This week I chose to walk into one of the most realistic art galleries. When I say realistic, I mean how eye opening it is. I wasn’t able to interview Yujia Gu, the artist behind the gallery but I believe the work and her personal statement speak for itself. Her work was in the CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery, and her piece was called Tracing Gun Violence in the USA. 

At first when you walk in, you immediately see all the pictures of guns plastered on all the walls. There are maybe hundreds of guns and little people plastered on the wall with words that say “to protect themselves from more and more…are buying.” on the bottom of the wall, you see it says “Canada” with only a limited amount of people represented. Then you see “The United States” and all 4 walls are filled with people. This represents how America is compared to other countries regarding arms weapons.

Another piece that you can’t miss if you walk in is the projection wall that highlighted different states and cities that gun violence has been an issue. The one that hit me the most was in the back wall to the left. It was a transparent wall with pictures of little kids on it. I didn’t understand it at first but when i looked behind it, it said “Children Killed by Guns Since Newton” and it broke my heart. It also includes their names.

I really enjoyed this art gallery because of how realistic and honest it is while being extremely informative on gun violence. Guns have always been a controversial topic and some people don’t understand why, but I believe that this gallery and Yujia’s work really brings the issue to light. It’s not something we want to see or believe but this is all reality and I think that this is a very nice way to show it.

Wk 11 – Classmate Conversation – Vicki Wu

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Vicki. Vicki and I have met before because we have biology class together. However, I didn’t know much about vicki such as how she changed her major from health science to health care administration because she aspires to manage a hospital and helps patients indirectly. I also learned that she doesn’t like the beach and that her favorite food is hotpot. She also doesn’t know how to swim so she is afraid of water but she likes to jet ski. It was a pleasure talking to Vicki this week! IMG_5921.JPG

Wk 10 – Activity- Architecture & Urban Planning

This week, We had the task of pick either the wedge at the USU or the wedge at FA4 to redesign for efficient traffic flow. I chose the wedge at the USU because I have had experience with that. Sometimes I ask myself why there is even a wedge there. At the USU, there is this wall between the buss stops and the USU, which to me, is absolutely unnecessary. There are a few signs and posters hung up there and 2 benches and I’m confused as why there are even benches there because i’ve never seen anyone sit there. My proposal is for the school to knock it down for more efficient traffic flow. That way students don’t have to get stuck between the wedge, wait one at a time to pass through, or to have to walk around.

Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Amy Duran

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Duran, a senior at CSULB who will be graduating this fall with a BFA in ceramics. I learned that she is a really interesting person because she has an Etsy shop and sells brooches that she makes. I’ve never met anyone who has their own Etsy shop. I also learned that we both have baking in common since Amy decorates cakes in her free time.

Amy’s piece was in the Marilyn Werby Gallery and it is called “Forever by your Side.” I felt as though her exhibition was very interactive since she incorporated a fairytale theme for guests to walk around the gallery. The pieces really reminded me of a Disney fairytale even before I walked around the gallery. Each station had a fairytale book and featured a ceramic girl and various types of animals. I loved the intricate backgrounds as well because i feel like it really brought the whole piece together.

The message Amy was telling behind “Forever by your Side” was that she was trying to explain her struggles of never feeling like she belonged. She was afraid that she was the only one who felt out of place while also being afraid that she would lose her inner child as she was embracing the woman she was becoming. Her pieces tell her audiences that it is absolutely normal and okay to be afraid of change, especially as an adult.

Before walking into the gallery, I felt as if I walked into a fairytale, and after leaving, I felt like i just experienced my whole life story. I can relate to the message that Amy was relaying because I felt alone in my worries too and trying to hang on to the child within myself all while changing into the woman that I had to be. I really enjoyed this exhibition because it was like my own little fairytale. 20170405_150657 art.jpg