Wk 15 – Activity – Design The Life You Really Want

This week we were asked to create the life that we really wanted by writing about 3 different scenarios such as what we currently think we will be doing, the thing you would do if the current thing disappeared tomorrow, and the thing you would do if you were financially secure, and no one would ever laugh. Here is what my life would look like if I could truly decide what I wanted to do.

I currently believe that I will grow up and get a degree in health science and work in a hospital. I’m not specifically sure which area in the hospital I would work in but I believe that my career would be in a healthcare environment. I chose this because I feel like it has job stability and may keep me financially stable. It’s not necessarily my dream job, but it provides a stable lifestyle and that’s probably the end-goal of mine to achieve.

Now, if the current thing disappeared tomorrow, I would undoubtedly go in business. My whole life, I was surrounded by people in business since I grew up with my dad, aunts, and uncles who are all entrepreneurs and own their own businesses. Ironically, I have no clue how businesses are run or managed. Even going to high school and coming out, I have a few successful friends who pursued a business career, and that is what I seem to want to do. Similarily, my brother and sister, both college graduates with biology and biochem degrees chose to pursue business instead. I feel like in business, there is no set salary, the more you work the more you get paid. As mentioned before, my goal is to become financially stable, even though business doesn’t guarantee job or financial stability.

Lastly, if i was financially secure, I would open up my own bakery. My passion is baking, even though some people may think it’s weird. My mom said I could be anything I wanted to be, and when I said, “ok, i want to be a baker” she replied with, “anything but that”. I knew it wasn’t realistic to make a steady income being a baker unless you were extremely well known or make the best pastries in the world. But if i was financially stable, I would try to open my own bakery and become the head baker because it would be something that I look forward to doing everyday. As of right now, I need to be financially secure before I do what I love.


Wk 15 – Classmate Conversation – Courtney Clyde

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Courtney. I learned that Courtney is from Santa Barbara, California which is two hours away from here. Courtney is a 2nd year and a kinesiology major and she wants to pursue a career as a physical or occupational therapist. She is planning on obtaining a doctorate degree and is hoping to get into the program here at CSULB. If she doesn’t get into the program here, she might follow her boyfriend, and go to the same school as him. I also learned that Courtney loves sports and is on the soccer team here and she was on the track team before. He loves rock climbing and outdoor activities. I think her job suits her well since she loves sports because she works at the school gym. It was really nice talking and getting to know Courtney.

Wk 14 – Activity – Japanese Gardens

This week for class, we went to the Japanese Gardens to draw. I was so nervous since i have a weak ability to draw but Glenn really emphasized that it was based upon skill. In truth, I really enjoyed this activity since it was graded on how well you draw. I really enjoyed the hand contour activity since i was really impressed with my own drawing. I didn’t think it would turn out as well as it had. We were told to just lift one hand up and look at it while the other hand was in sync with our eyes to draw as our eyes moved. the result actually looked like a hand so i included some fingernails and creases. Next I spent about 5 minutes trying to draw what i saw. It was extremely difficult since I don’t do so well with details. I sketched as much as I could like the pond and the bridge and the trees. It turned out decent, at least to me it did. Then lastly, I focused on one thing particular to draw, the bridge. I don’t know why, but the bridge really caught my attention. I tried to draw that in 30 seconds. This week’s activity was really enjoyable.

Wk 14 – Classmate Conversation – Danielle Soriano

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Danielle. I met Danielle in our biology lab class that we have right after art. Little did we know, we had art together too! I learned that Danielle is also a health science major and she is planning on going PA school. She is from Bell Gardens and attended Downey High School. She works in an elementary school with kindergarteners.  Her favorite hobbies include watching Netflix and her favorite shows are How to Get Away with Murder, Scandal, The Get Down, Dexter, and Stranger Things. We also talked about foods and I learned that Danielle loves Chinese food like dumplings and she also likes tea and coffee. She likes any coffee as long as it’s strong and as for teas, she likes earl grey, jasmine, and lavender and also almond milk tea and jasmine milk tea. Lastly, we talked about movies and I learned that Danielle’s favorite movies include Sandlot, Selena, and Goodfellas. I really enjoyed talking to Danielle this week and hope we could keep in touch since she will be graduating soon!

Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Laura Lopez

This week, I met another artist, Laura Lopez, at the Gotav East gallery and talked to her for a bit. I learned that Laura is in her final year here at the California State University, Long Beach as she is pursuing a degree in MFA. Laura is from Columbia and worked as an architect before deciding on coming to Long Beach because she wanted to continue her education abroad. She told us that she chose Long Beach for it’s beaches and California weather.

Laura’s concentration is in painting and it’s quite obvious when you walk in to her gallery. Before even reading Laura’s artist statement, it’s obvious to see that her paintings are of the jungle. In her artist statement, it reads, “The jungle inspires my work.I have always admired the way nature builds and creates all sorts of life forms that are interconnected and grow together as a whole organism in natural ecosystems.” with this information, we understand how and why she paints these images.

Laura also experiments with patterns and colors and notices the functions of how these structural elements build imagery and composition. Laura also notes that she is intrigued of time evolving and how plants grow through expanding movement in space. I found that her paintings were very unique even though all of the paintings are of the jungle. You can see that each painting depicts a different scenario such as the top of the jungle so you see tree leaves and branches or the floor of the jungle where you see trunks of trees and some animals.

I found Laura Lopez’s gallery the most interesting due to the color variations and the color schemes. The paintings themselves were extremely eye-catching because you’re drawn to the most vibrant colors once you walk in. you can’t just walk past it, you need to stare and analyze the painting to fully understand it’s true meaning and imagery. I really enjoyed Laura’s gallery the most since she was more than welcome to talk to you or answer and questions you may have had with her work.

Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Maria

This week I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Maria. Maria is a freshman here at California State University, Long Beach and she is majoring in communications. She’s not quite sure what she can and can’t do with her major, but she’s also thinking about minoring in political science. Maria is from Downey so she doesn’t dorm at csulb. She is a movie addict and her recent favorite movie is La La Land while her favorite older movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We also talked about our favorite shows and I learned that Maria’s favorite show is hands down Game of Thrones. I really enjoyed talking to Maria this week!

Wk 12 – Activity – Ethnography

This week we were asked to spend a night without electricity. I can say that this was one of the hardest nights of my life since my life revolves around electricity, especially my phone and laptop. I already knew that the experience wasn’t going to be fun since I’ve been through blackouts and having my phone die. The experience was so frustrating because i didn’t know what to do with myself. Once the sun set, I did not turn on the lights, I put a few candles around my house so that I could at least see some things. But since I had nothing to do, I tried to go to bed early at around 10pm. It was definitely hard trying to fall asleep that early because i’ve been sleeping so late, but also because I usually have my daily dose of social media before falling asleep. And without being able to use my phone, I was internally dying. Living without electricity is extremely limited and boring because you don’t know what to do with yourself, because all I did was snack on food from my cabinet. I thought about how people in the olden days did it, and I think it was physical interactions that helped them thrive. Living in this day and age, electricity is a necessity and I think ew take it for granted sometimes, because i know I do.